Why Rent With Us?

Honest pricing, first time 

Most rental companies hook you in with a great price but each of those little extras see the cost gradually increase until the offer isn't looking anywhere near as reasonable anymore. VWFS Rent-a-Car only shows you the true cost from the start so you know that the price you see if the price you will pay.

Get the vehicle you actually want

We know that when you choose a rental vehicle it is important to you that this is the one you actually get. It would be unreasonable for your family of five to squeeze into the up! when you booked a Tiguan and you'd struggle to find parking in Central London in a Karoq when you actually booked a Fabia. We will always aim to give you car or van that you book.

Low excess as standard

Insurance excess can be confusing and it can be intimidating to turn up at a rental company only to be bombarded with complicated jargon or feel pushed to upgrade before you can drive away your vehicle. That's why our online price includes a collision damage waiver (CDW), with a standard excess of £500 for cars. There is also the choice of a lower excess by opting for the enhanced collision damage waiver (ECDW).

Online and easy

We want to make the rental process as easy as possible which is why we send your legal documents to you via email, nobody wants to carry around a folder of paper and when they are online you can access them anywhere, anytime.

Thinking of you

Unlike a lot of rental companies, we don't push you to purchase unneeded extras or surprise you with a car that has a built-in SatNav only to charge you to have it enabled. We have lots of additional options such a child car seats but we will only offer them to you if we think you will need them. We won't be pushy, we can take rejection.

Contact Us

We have a dedicated Rental Manager at each site, complete this contact form and we will put you in touch with our experts to answer any questions you may have.

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