Whether you’re a sole trader in need of a commercial van, a taxi driver interested in contract hire, or a fleet manager looking after the company car scheme of a corporate enterprise, reliable, cost-effective transport is undeniably important to your business - and that’s where commercial leasing comes in.

At Citygate, we offer business car leasing options designed to help commercial customers find appropriate and affordable leasing agreements on the models they want - and today, we’re breaking down some of the key benefits that come with commercial vehicle contract hire, as well as taking you through the options available to help you make an informed decision that’s right for your business.

Company car: lease agreements vs. buying the car outright

Buying a car for your business can seem like a huge investment. While the vehicle will be owned by you, it’s important to consider things like depreciation and upfront costs - especially if you’re transporting heavy goods and regularly covering long distances.

Although buying a car outright has its benefits, for company owners, there are other options available to your business - vehicle leasing being one of them. Business car leasing is the process through which businesses - whether sole traders, taxi companies or fleet managers - can finance vehicles for commercial use. There are a number of benefits that come with leasing, and you’ll find them listed below:

• Avoid large upfront costs: unlike buying a car upfront or through a finance company, there are no hefty upfront costs with leasing

• Claim company expenses: with commercial vehicle leasing, companies can claim back a percentage of their payments against tax. This figure will depend on the CO2 emissions of your car, you can find out more at gov.uk

• Reclaim VAT: both maintenance and business contract hire payments can be claimed back, freeing up extra finance for your business

• Save valuable time: buying a car outright or on finance can mean dealing with reams of paperwork. By exploring your business contract hire options, you can hand the admin over to the leasing company

• Avoid huge depreciation losses: when a business buys a car outright, they begin losing money on the vehicle from the moment it’s driven off the forecourt - making it much more difficult to sell when you decide to change models. By opting for a lease, you’ll have the opportunity to trade in your vehicle for a more modern or practical car or van when it suits your business

• Option to buy: with the option to make a final one-off final payment and assume ownership of the vehicle, it can still belong to your company once the lease agreement ends

How business car leasing works

When it comes to leasing a vehicle, the price will depend on the model(s) you choose. At Citygate, we’re committed to finding you the most suitable deal for your business, and this starts with a conversation over the phone or at one of our branches.

As a business customer, you’ll benefit from the support of a dedicated Business Specialist who will work to create a comprehensive commercial vehicle leasing package tailored to your individual needs - so whether you need a long lease, are tempted by the ability to claim company expenses or want the option to buy, you’ll find a deal that suits you. On top of that, you’ll have access to the maximum level of manufacturer support available to your specific fleet requirements.

As well as providing a cost-effective alternative to purchasing vehicles for commercial purposes (and eliminating worries surrounding depreciation costs), business car leasing also means you benefit from helpful, hands-on support. A dedicated fleet team will manage the entire quote to order process, through to a comprehensive vehicle handover from a qualified handover specialist.

Market-leading models

At Citygate, we specialise in providing competitive business car lease deals on Volkswagen, ŠKODA, KIA and SEAT models. You’ll find a diverse selection of cars available from these two automotive giants - each one packed with cutting-edge in-car technology and a lineup of reliable and efficient engines - meaning you’ll be able to enjoy the very best commercial vehicle hire options you’ll find anywhere.

VW is responsible for producing ground-breaking models across a number of competitive segments - including but not limited to the stylish VW Golf, the invincible Polo and the iconic Beetle. As well as all of these market leaders, VW business lease options are also available on the German giant’s range of commercial vans - from the incredible Volkswagen Transporter to the practical and versatile Caddy.

ŠKODA is one of the world’s oldest car manufacturers. Now a part of the Volkswagen group, alongside VW, Audi and SEAT, the brand offers a lineup of seven diverse models - ranging from the small and agile Citigo to the stylish and sturdy ŠKODA Yeti. Whether your top priority is an eco-friendly drive or a suite of innovative safety features, this Czech automaker has a vehicle for the job - so you’re guaranteed to find a ŠKODA business lease agreement you’ll love.

KIA is one of the fastest growing brands in Europe and produces more than three million vehicles a year. It prides itself on being an industry-leading innovator in design with big plans for the future. The entire Kia range is available with a 7-year warranty meaning that you benefit from 7 years of lower running costs and 7 years peace of mind. 

With a journey that began over 60 years ago, SEAT is still the only Spanish company able to design and manufacture its own cars. Its successes include the SEAT Ibiza, the Leon range and the newest addition - the compact SUV crossover: Arona. This Spanish based company definitely brings the flare that's to be expected of such vibrant origins. 

Finding the best deal

Our company car lease deals are available to customers in a variety of situations - so whether you’re a manager trying to organise fleet leasing, a company looking for commercial van leasing or a taxi driver trying to find the most customer-friendly model, we’ve got a solution for you.

Before you settle on one of our car or van business lease deals, here are some things to consider:

• Why do you need a lease? For businesses keen to give their company image a more professional edge, fleet leasing means you can keep your branding consistent and recognisable.

• How many miles is your vehicle or fleet likely to cover? There are various options available for drivers, depending on their estimated mileage, so it’s worth considering this before you commit to a lease deal.

• How long would you like to keep the vehicle? If you’re likely to want to update to market-leading models on a regular basis, a lease agreement could be the perfect solution.

Whatever you’re looking for in terms of business contract hire, you’re sure to find the ideal solution thanks to the broad variety of customer-focused leasing options available.

Explore your options

If you’re looking for ŠKODA, VW, KIA or SEAT dealers in London and the South East, look no further. Whether you’re a small business owner on the hunt for competitive company car lease options or need a fleet leasing solution for a larger enterprise, our commercial contract hire services give you the freedom and flexibility to find an agreement that’s built for your budget and designed to suit your circumstances.

Visit your nearest Citygate branch to browse our impressive range today, or pick up the phone and enquire today by giving our team a call.