To help improve air quality across London, from 8th April 2019, if you drive any petrol or diesel vehicle, including cars, motorcycles and vans, within the Congestion Charge area of central London, you will need to meet new tighter emissions standards called the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

Where will it affect me?

The ULEZ will replace the T-Charge and will initially operate within the same area as the current Congestion Charging Zone (CCZ). As of the 25th October 2021, this radius will expand to include the inner London area bounded by the North and South Circular roads.

Is my vehicle affected?

Non complaint vehicles will include:

  • Motorbikes that do not meet Euro 3 standards.
  • Petrol cars and vans that fail to meet Euro 4 standards (generally speaking, cars registered before 2005).
  • Diesel cars and vans that do not meet Euro 6 standards (this was mandated for all new vehicles sold from September 2016).

How much will it cost me?

The daily rate for cars, motorcycles and vans up to and including 3.5 tonnes will be £12.50. Heavier vehicles, including lorries, will be required to pay £100. This will be in addition to the weekday Congestion Charge.

For more information about the ULEZ and what this means for you, download our informative PDF.

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