So, what is SMART repair? We spoke to our Bodyshop Manager, Darren Doubtfire who explained it all for us. 

SMART stands for Small Medium Area Repair Techniques. It’s a cost-effective and convenient way of repairing that annoying minor damage to your vehicle. Research by YouGov, suggests 65% of the UK’s cars are carrying the sort of damage that falls into this category and repairing minor dents is certainly worth doing. It will increase your car's value, show prospective buyers that you've cared for the car and more importantly not lead that small repair turning to a major and much costlier one.  

Phil Nothard from car valuation company CAP says “it is definitely worthwhile. SMART repairs will pay for themselves. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression on a possible buyer. And seeing scratches or dents will give your potential customer leverage for wanting money off. If buyers spot things like scratches they'll start looking for more damage”. 

But what is included in a SMART repair? 

Bumper Scuffs and Body Work Scratches 

The most common area of vehicle damage is to a vehicles bumpers. Our fully trained technicians will clean, prep and prime the area of repair. Paint is then matched with expert precision and sprayed and the vehicle is put in the ‘oven’ to dry evenly so it comes out perfect. 

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment 

Scratched alloy wheels don’t look great and if you are like us, they annoy us every time we see them on our vehicles! Quality alloy wheel refurbishment requires the wheel to be correctly cleaned and the surface sanded or ground, ready to be repainting and looking like new again. 


Small rips in the fabric, food stains, cigarette burns or general wear and tear to seats are colour matched to the fabric for an almost invisible repair. Any removal of devices such as Sat Navs and phone holders can leave holes in the dashboard. We can also repair back to their original state. 

Windscreen Chips 

A windscreen chip can be distracting and dangerous especially if it’s in your line of vision and is an MOT failure point. Again, our technicians are on hand to repair and make sure your car is repaired correctly. 

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