Introducing the new Škoda Karoq

Agh, kids. We love them. It’s the way they paw you in the eye, isn’t it? The way they’re always ready to express their emotions – even in the middle of Tesco’s. The way they find new and creative methods of distributing their food around the room. The way they hit their little brother and then cry when you tell them not to. Aggghhhh. So much love.

But despite all those positives, sometimes having kids is hard too. And that’s why we’re such a big fan of the new Škoda Karoq – the compact SUV that helps you take care of your little ones, even if you’re a big one yourself. Here’s how:

An extra pair of eyes

Driving can be stressful. Driving when you’ve got shrieking kids in the back is like trying to rub your head and pat your tummy, while a high-pitched caveman does his best to stab you in the head. Thankfully, the Karoq comes packed with features that make that task a little bit easier. It has lane and parking assistance built-in, as well as a rearview camera and blind spot detection – so between you and the car, you’ve got every angle covered.

Space that adapts to you

We know what it’s like. You’ve got ballet at 6, football at 7, and embroidery club at 7.45 – with loads of kids to give lifts to in between. So to cater for little Reggi’s ever-expanding and contracting friendship groups, the Karoq puts you in control with flexible seating. And when you’ve got to take little Grace to kitesurfing, you can whip the seats out completely, and avoid having to choose between taking her and taking her equipment.

Built-in passenger distractions

Whether you’re on a long journey or a quick jaunt, kids always find something to complain about. ‘Mum, my feet are hot.’ ‘Dad, I’m thirsty.’ ‘Mum, I find your Brexit commentary derivative.’ You know, that kind of thing. But there is a weapon against this complaining that never fails – distraction. If you can keep them occupied, you can keep them quiet. That’s why the Karoq comes with Smartlink+, the latest Canton Sound system, and wireless charging – so whatever happens, they’ve got what they need to connect, play, and shhhhhh.

Custom design

Now unless you’re planning on letting your five-year-old design your car like a fire engine, this one isn’t really for the kids. It’s for you. The Karoq is available in a range of different colours, with wheel and interior options – making it easier to score some style points when you pull up to the playground. 

The Karoq is available at our Škoda dealership in Watford now. Pop in at any time, or get in touch to book a test drive.