Owned by local resident Jonathan Smith, Citygate is a family run retailer that is pleased to be opening our first SEAT dealership, taking over the site in Emmer Green. SEAT is the latest addition to our current list of brands all delivering new, approved used and aftersales for Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, ŠKODA and Kia cars.

Here at Citygate, our commitment to you is to maintain the highest possible dealership standards at all times. Whether you’re searching for a new vehicle, one of our approved used vehicles, having your vehicle serviced or some paint and bodywork completed, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, knowledge and expertise to assist you in every possible way. We are absolutely committed to excellence.

Take a Seat

As Emmer Green is the first SEAT site for Citygate, we wanted to learn more about SEAT; the tradition runs deep and we are proud to be adding to the history of this great brand.

Sociedad Espanola de Automoviles de Turismo or SEAT for short is the biggest car manufacturer to come out of Spain. The company started out in 1950 with the help of the Instituto Nacional de Industria and Fiat. That's why at first, SEAT was simply rebadged and slightly modified Fiats. They even kept the names. For instance, the SEAT Panda was based on the Fiat Panda and so was the SEAT 600, named after the Fiat 600.

The first model SEAT produced was the Seat 1400, which began production in 1953. SEAT then needed the expertise and funds of a much bigger and car producer, especially since Fiat pulled out of the deal in 1981. This time SEAT would turn to Germany for a partner and it would find it in Volkswagen, with who it signed a deal in 1982.

The SEAT brand continues to evolve, delivering innovative new lines that have helped to make it the fastest growing car brand in the UK in 2017.

We feel passionate about cars and we want everyone to love the car they drive!

We know that buying a car can sometimes be daunting and a little confusing. We are here to help explain everything - from making sure you are looking at the right vehicle and specification, to suit your unique lifestyle. We will then look at the right finance packages to match your budget. We aim to make the process of buying your car, whether it is new or previously owned, as much fun as it should be. 

Citygate at your Service

At Citygate, we want you to feel confident about the quality of service you’ll receive every time you visit us. That’s why; together with our Authorised Repairers we’ve devised the ‘MyCitygate Service Promise’; 6 promises designed to help you manage the cost of motoring and making your life easier.

My Trust

Choosing where to have your car repaired is an extremely important decision with lasting consequences. Having your car serviced at Citygate means we operate to all of our manufacturers' aftersales promises making sure you get the best service for you and your vehicle.

My Value

It’s not always about the price you pay, more about the actual value you receive. With Citygate you get added value from all our dealerships with our individual manufacturers' guarantees and most importantly peace of mind, which hard to put a price on!

My Comfort

We will do whatever makes you comfortable and suits your routine. From collection and delivery of your vehicle, supplying a courtesy car or making sure your WiFi is connected correctly, our coffee is hot and our lounges are all ready for you to catch up on some work…. or the latest celeb gossip!

My Experts

Our technicians are 100% trained to exacting manufacturer standards, our workshops are regularly audited by independent assessors and we use only genuine parts

protect your vehicles integrity, safety, functionality, warranty and its resale value.

My Experience

Being a part of MyCitygate takes away the stress and inconvenience of having your car off the road and our continued high-level Customer Satisfaction Survey results show this. Rest assured that you and your vehicle are both in safe hands.

My Choice

You obviously have a right to choose where you service your car, but we want to make sure that if you decide not to choose Citygate your garage of choice offers all of the above as standard as it may cost you much more in the long run and neither of us wants that.

Part of the Community

As Citygate becomes part of the village, we wanted to understand more about our new home. Here is what we found...

The rapid expansion of Reading from the 1900s has meant that a number of old brickworks and the chalk mines below were developed on to create smaller villages. In 1970 this expansion of the built-up areas reached the Rose Hill brickfields site and Emmer Green was born!

The hamlet was too small to be noticed in The Parliamentary Gazetter of 1840 and fell within the Caversham parish at that time. Today however, Emmer Green has a growing population of around 8,000 people and most importantly is now home to the brand new Citygate SEAT garage!


We look forward to being a part of the Emmer Green community and contributing to keeping it the warm and welcoming place that it is.  Please do come and say hello!

 To view the full range of new and approved used SEAT cars please click here.