For many, turning 18 is a much-anticipated step into adulthood. You can finally queue for the club, your own ID in hand, without the usual panic that the scary bouncer is going to sus that this ID actually belongs to your mate’s older brother. WKD’s are a thing of the past. It’s been a while since you’ve had that exhilarating feeling; turning 36 just doesn’t have the same thrill. We’ve got something that will really get your heart racing – the new 18 registration plate has just been released. This means you can drive away today in a shiny new car adorned with a brand-new number plate. It will be just like turning 18 all over again… well, kind of.


But what do all of those letters and numbers mean I hear you ask while you stare down in dismay at that parking fine, you knew your ticket was about to expire but you thought you’d risk it and pop into Greggs. Was that sausage roll really worth it?

In answer to your question – your cars number plate can actually tell you a lot about your vehicle. The first 2 letters are location indicators, these show where in the UK your car was originally registered. Number plates starting with L mean the car was first registered in London. The second letter indicates which DVLA office the car was registered at within the area indicated by the first letter. An LD number plate was registered at the Wimbledon office within London. The next 2 digits indicate the year of registration. The number plates released at the beginning of March have the numbers 18, those released in September will display 68. The final three letters are randomly generated as no two numbers plates can be the same. You can find a list of all the locations and years on the DVLA website.


If you want to get your hands on a brand new 18 plate registration then visit our website or come into one of our branches to take a look at the new cars we have to offer. Who says you only turn 18 once?