Introducing the SEAT MO eScooter, taking care of...


SEAT is bringing an electric, affordable, and fun to ride eScooter to the market.


This SEAT MO is 100% electric and great for the environment as it has no emissions, meaning you can drive it anywhere you want. You have 3 different driving modes to suite your needs:

  1. Eco mode to minimise battery usage and increase range
  2. City mode which will balance battery usage and performance
  3. Sport mode for the speed you need and optimum performance
  4. Reverse mode to effortlessly back out of tight spaces

The eScooter will reach a staggering 59mph, so you have the speed and performance when you need it. Easy charging has been adapted to the eScooter, which allows you to remove the battery and wheel it to wherever you want. Furthermore, you can use this battery to charge other devices as well. Under the seat you have space to keep two helmets, or enough room for your daily needs.


SEAT MO comes in three different colours, Daring Red, Dark Aluminium Matte, Oxygen White Matte.

Time to choose your colour!


What are the benefits of the SEAT MO?

Its quiet, comfortable and ergonomic. There’s hardly any maintenance, can go faster than a 125cc combustion scooter, and zero emissions and vibrations.

Is a license needed for the SETA MO?

You need the following

  • A1 (Scooter under 11kw) *Applicable to mopeds that are 49cc and limited to 50 km/h.
  • A2 (11kw to 35kw scooter)
  • B (3-years’ of experience driving a scooter up to 11kw)

How long does it take to charge the battery?

From a completely depleted battery, it takes approximately 6 hours, however it is not recommended to completely drain the battery. Charge the battery as you go along, you will never run out power and it helps extend the battery life.

How do you charge the battery?

SEAT MO has a removable trolley-styled battery system for easy dismount and charge anywhere, as long as there is a conventional plug socket. You can also charge the battery while its still connected to the eScooter with the SCHUKO cable.