The History of the Polo


The Volkswagen Polo MK1 started production in 1975. This is where it all began with the production of one of the most popular cars you can get on market. This vehicle is a rebadge version of the Audi 50 when it was launched itself. The Volkswagen and Audi models didn’t have much difference in the making of vehicle besides the fact of the cost. This Volkswagen model came with 2 body styles, hatchback and sedan, all with a manual gearbox. The polo was manufacture in Wolfsburg, Germany.


The Polo II has a different persona about the car, even though it is a small car, the inside has been enlarged. This is where the Polo became a small two-door estate car with loads of inside room. In the coming year, a two-door coupe version of the model had been released, and this is the point in time where the engine had been developed with more power. During the period of this production, a staggering 2.7 million units were made as it became more popular than the previous model.


Volkswagen Polo III was unveiled in 1994 where the total change of design came into action. This is where the engine, body and chassis were completely overhauled to achieve a more modern style to the appearance of the car. The Polo III was the first model where Volkswagen had released a five-door model which had even more space than its predecessors. A couple of years later Volkswagen had released a sports GTI model, with even more added power. There were many design changes to this model, interior and exterior, as time went on.


As the Polo IV came out, even more changes were made and there was further added room on the inside of the car, with an added feature of collapsing rear seats. Once the launch of the Polo GTI was made, the vehicle had an engine upgrade with an added powerful turbo. This was the year when Volkswagen changed the emblem on the grill, with the complete remodel of the lights all round.


In March 2009 the premier of the Polo V was unveiled. The size of the vehicle as also grown for more space. As the design changed, the Polo had more of a sporty look to make it look even more aesthetically pleasing. With the design change of this Polo, the engine had been modified where it is more economical as a BlueMotion model had been released. Due to the technology increase in these vehicles, further safety features have been added for driver assistance.

Since 2017

From this year onwards, this model has become one of the most popular cars on the market which attracts a lot of attention as an all-rounded vehicle. This small compact car packs a lot of features within a small space for every driver and passengers’ convenience. As the design changed of the vehicle, it got bigger and longer from inside and out, to accommodate more room for luggage, passenger comfort, engine power and performance and expressive dynamics.

2021 The New Polo

In this current year Volkswagen, have released a brand-new Polo that moves with this digital age. A fresh design has been given to the vehicle including a light strip at the front, and this goes along with the face of our new models that have been introduced. IQ.LIGHT matrix LED’s and LED headlights for even further advanced visibility and a stylish appearance to the front and back.

Going along with the change of features as the Polo has been developed, the model has improved so much where safety features have been placed in left, right and centre in the car. This vehicle offers different style ranges from Life, Style and R-Line with various packages that can be chosen from.