The ŠKODA ENYAQ iV is the first all-electric SUV to be built on MEB (the platform designed exclusively for electric vehicles), it comes with rear-wheel drive (all-wheel drive will be available in the future) and powerful electric motors for a dynamic emission-free drive. It boasts a range of more than 520 in the WLTP cycle, a roomy interior crafted from quality materials, and a wide range of Simply Clever features.


The ENYAQ iV is dynamic, everything from the wheels to the roof has been designed to minimise drag to maximise performance. The Crystal Face illuminates the road with 130 LED lights that look just as impressive unlit. The interior is just as impressive with plenty of storage solutions including foldable tables and double pockets on the back of the front seats, a panoramic sunroof for maximum light and easily folded rear seats to maximise boot space.

Range & Charging

The car’s range and power output are defined by the battery and drive combination. The 60 Nav and 80 versions are available exclusively with rear-wheel drive and the recuperation can be used to extend the range by braking. The level of braking can be adjusted using the steering wheel paddles (optional on the 60 Nav) which allow you to set three recuperation intensity levels. The ENYAQ iV has a range of up to 333 miles* and a maximum battery capacity of 77kWh, and using the ŠKODA Connect Remote Charging app you can check your battery levels and schedule charging at off-peak times for cheaper rates.

Keeping it Green

The ENYAQ is emission-free while in operation but its ecological footprint includes the emissions produced during manufacturing. ŠKODA's main plant, Mladá Boleslav, has the largest photovoltaic roof system in the Czech Republic and by the end of this decade, all energy for the plant will come from renewable sources. When they have reached the end of their life, batteries from the ENYAQ will be recycled and the raw materials reused to minimise waste. For any emissions during production that cannot yet be avoided, ŠKODA purchases certified carbon credits which fund projects to install renewable energy sources worldwide.

Electric Incentives

The Government offer lots of incentives so that owning an electric vehicle saves not just the planet but your money too. The plug-in car grant will pay up to £2,500 towards the purchase of an ENYAQ iV and zero-emissions vehicles are also exempt from paying VED or road tax. The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) also provides grants of up to 75% towards the cost of installing at-home charging points.


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