Like most of us, you are probably stuck at home and your vehicle will remain parked for the foreseeable future. Eventually, things will return to a new normal and we will need our vehicles in optimum working condition. However, if left for a long time without maintenance, your vehicle might not be as eager as you are to leave the house. These are our top tips to ensure that when the time comes, your vehicle is ready to tackle the daily commute or school run again.


Tyres lose pressure over time, especially if the vehicle is left stationary for a while, this can lead to flat spots and uneven wear. Before your next journey it is recommended to inflate your tyres to the optimum pressure which, for most vehicles, can be found in the handbook, on the inside of the drivers' door or the inside of the fuel flap. Slowly rolling your car every week or so will also help to prevent flat spots.


Even when your car is parked, there are still electrical components running which will drain the battery. First, make sure that devices like dashcams and phone chargers are unplugged to prevent any unnecessary battery usage. If your car is parked somewhere with a nearby mains electricity supply, such as your driveway or garage, then you could invest in a trickle charger which maintains your batteries power. However, this is not always possible so running your car for around 15 minutes every week will prevent the battery from going flat.

Air Conditioning

While your vehicle is running make sure you turn the air conditioning on. This will maintain the seals in the system and reduce the chance of mould. 

Fluid Levels

Make sure to check your oil, coolant, screen wash and brake fluid are at the recommended levels before your first outing.

Regular Washing

Unless your car is covered, the bodywork is going to be gathering a layer of dust, sap and bird droppings and with only essential journeys permitted it is unlikely you will be treating your vehicle is a professional clean anytime soon. However, it is important to clean your car regularly to maintain the paintwork. Remember to always rinse your vehicle off first to remove any grit and use a soft sponge and microfibre cloth to prevent scratches.

These tips are to help you maintain your vehicle during lockdown but if your vehicle does need servicing or repair work, we now have five aftersales locations open. You can book an appointment via our online portal or give our team a call on 0330 008 2220.

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