A van isn't just part of your business, it is your business.

For many people, a van isn’t just a central part of their business – it is their business. And if that’s the case for you, choosing your next work vehicle will feel like a pretty big deal. Whether you’re looking for your first van, or just thinking of upgrading, the number of options available can seem overwhelming. So with the launch of the new VW Crafter fast approaching, we’ve put together our top five things to think about when you make your choice. Read on, and find out how to pick the perfect van.

Reliability - We’ve all been there. You’re packed up and ready to go to work, only to find your van won’t start. Cue an awkward conversation with your customer, and maybe even some lost business. Just one day of downtime could cost you thousands of pounds, so it’s vital to choose a van that won’t let you down. VW’s new range of TDI engines – which you’ll find in the new VW Crafter – offer reliability even in the most demanding of conditions, so you can be sure they’re built for business.

 Suitability - Find a van that doesn’t just suit your immediate needs, but is flexible enough to cater for the future. By far the most important aspect of this is the vehicle’s loading capability. The VW Crafter has a load compartment of up to 2,196mm, a wide side sliding door with an opening width of 1,311mm, LED load compartment lighting, and a 100mm lower loading sill. It can even be personalised to suit your exact requirements – so wherever your business takes you, you’ve got all the capacity you need.

Affordability - When it comes to cost, it can be difficult to get the balance right. Invest too little in your van, and you’re risking unreliability – invest too much, and you’re putting your profit margins in jeopardy. That’s why it’s so important to take running costs into account. The Crafter’s combination of low fuel consumption, and even lower maintenance costs, will help to guard your monthly budget. 

Comfort - You’re going to be driving your van day-in, day-out for the foreseeable future – so it’s important to choose one that keeps you comfortable. With an ergoComfort suspension seat, a variety of storage solutions, and even an optional heated leather steering wheel, the VW Crafter fits the bill perfectly. So even at the end of a long working day, you still feel relaxed while you’re driving.

 Safety - Great vans never compromise on the basics, and always keep you as safe as possible. That’s why the Crafter comes armed with an automatic post-collision braking system, as well as lane keeping assistance, rear traffic alert functionality, trailer assistance, and ultra-bright LED headlights that lead the way forward. After all, it makes sense to protect your business’s most important asset – you.

Once you’ve thought through all of the above, it’s time to choose your next van. Whatever you pick, we trust it’ll help to drive your business forward this year. 

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