Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles wins four awards at the first-ever WhatCar? Van of the Year Awards with the Crafter taking home Best Overall Van and Best to Drive in the Large Van Category, the Transporter 6.1 awarded Best Value and the new Caddy receiving the Best Technology Advance title.

Volkswagen Crafter: Best Overall Van and Best to Drive in the Large Van Category

Volkswagens significant investment into the redesign of the signature Crafter was praised by the judges as money well spent with a wealth of wheelbases, optional extras and length loads to suit all needs. It was also noted that the Crafter had the most economical engine out of its competitors and the driving position, cabin and driver assistance systems make for a very comfortable drive.

"Not only is the Crafter the best large van on the market, but it is also one of the best vans of all sizes."

Volkswagen Transporter 6.1: Best Value for Ownership Costs in the Medium Van Category

The Transporter was awarded Best Value because although it may be priced slightly higher than its competitors in the Medium Van Category, it retains its residual value, either as a new or used purchase, better than any other regardless of the miles driven or length of ownership. Its range of engines are all frugal in their power output so fuel costs are low which adds to the extended value. 

"When you buy a Volkswagen Transporter, you don’t just get a van; you get a lifestyle"

New Volkswagen Caddy: Best Technology Advance

The new fifth-generation Caddy was honoured as “one of the smartest vehicles on the road”. It outperformed its rivals because of its connectivity with the integrated eSIM and We-Connect app. The Caddy was also recommended for its 19 active safety systems and the introduction of automatic breakdown calls and anti-theft alerts.

"The Caddy eclipses the likes of Ford... and sets a whole new standard for integrating cutting-edge technology into a van."


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