It’s a common misconception that you have to use the garage recommended by your insurance company to repair your car after an accident, but this is simply not true.

You have the right to choose where your car is repaired but insurance companies often encourage customers to use their “approved” garages which are contracted to work on all makes of cars, at discounted rates in return for high volumes of referrals. This usually means that the repairer is not approved by the manufacturer which compromises your cars value, safety, functionality and aesthetic, in some cases, this can even void the manufacturer warranty. It’s important that repairs are carried out using genuine parts and by the correctly trained repairers.

As quoted in AutoCars recent article "Under the terms of the Consumer Rights Act 2015, you have the right to have your car repaired by a Bodyshop of your choice. Check it is properly qualified to do the work and, especially if yours is a new or premium car, and that it will use genuine new rather than recycled parts."

In the long run, going for an unauthorised Bodyshop or the cheaper option can turn out to be more expensive at a later date, and more importantly, is it really wise to prioritise cost over the safety of your vehicle?

We have a 24-hour accident helpline which you can reach on 03301783477 where our dedicated accident aftercare specialists will be on hand to help. We don’t just send an estimate, we deal with the whole claim from start to finish. We use Audatex, the industry-standard estimating system, to make sure you get the best quote and we can organise the repairs at our manufacturer-approved Bodyshops. To make the process even easier we will deliver a courtesy car to your house and collect it again once the work is complete on your vehicle, you can continue with your day and leave the rest to us.