All In

What is All-in?

With All-in, we will take care of you for the next two years by carrying out your next two services and MOTs and providing Warranty cover and Roadside Assistance for the duration too. It is designed specifically for cars aged three to six years at the point of activation to provide a comprehensive level of cover for your peace of mind. All your aftercare needs are covered by our manufacturer-trained technicians using only genuine manufacturer parts and diagnostic equipment. On average, drivers who go All-in save £833 over two years.

For just £33.45 a month the plan includes:

• 2 services including a full inspection of your vehicle by expert trained technicians and report to include all lights, instruments, bodywork, glass, locks, battery, coolant levels, drive belts, braking system, steering, hoses, drive shafts and exhaust system. Software updates are carried out at every visit and you'll get a Volkswagen stamp in your service book or an update in your digital service record.

• 2 MOTs to ensure the safety of your vehicle

• 2 years' warranty to help avoid unexpected repair costs. All-in from Volkswagen includes a 2-year mechanical and electrical component warranty which covers the costs* of repairing or replacing the covered components that have suffered a sudden electrical or mechanical failure during the period of cover.

• 2 years' roadside assistance includes home assistance, vehicle recovery, secure storage, caravan/trailer assistance, European assistance and alternative travel if necessary. 

1 Minor service
Usually £184
1 Major service
Usually £354
2 MOT tests
Usually £109.70
2 years' Roadside Assistance
Usually £155.10
2 years' Warranty
Usually £833
Total pay as you go RRP
All-in price
£802.80 or £33.45 a month
Total saving with All-in

Benefits of All-in

• Prices fixed at todays rates to protect you from inflation

• All parts fitted include a 2-year parts and labour warranty

• Manage your finances better with manageable monthly payments

• All work carried out by our expert, manufacturer-trained technicians

• Only genuine manufacturer parts and diagnostic equipment are used

All In

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Valid for vehicles aged 3 to 6 years, with a 2.0L engine or less and under 100,000 miles at activation. Subject to vehicle eligibility check. Excludes electric vehicles.

* Limited to parts and labour (inclusive of VAT) up to the market value for the covered vehicle at the time of the claim (inclusive of VAT) and all policy inclusions only apply to the covered vehicle.

Participating retailers only. Please note that a courtesy vehicle needs to be booked in advance and cannot be guaranteed.