Welcome to Part 2 of the Citygate Tech Fest blog, we pick up at Citygate Volkswagen Watford for the Evening with BBC Technology Reporter Zoe Kleinman.

Great to see our guests interacting with each other discussing  their own vehicles, how they feel about the future of driving on our roads and how delicious the Citygate Tech Fest cup cakes are (we agree with that, big thanks to Peggy in Head Office for those!). Now it's time for Zoe to start the evening off...

People are massively divided over driverless cars and here in the UK, particularly, I don’t think we are really aware just how close they are

What a fantastic night, really interesting discussions around autonomous driving, our trust in machines and their moral decisions, what 'driving' will look like in the future, what the interior of vehicles could look like in the future, how vehicles could become an extension to our living spaces and what does ownership look like in years to come. 

A massive thanks for everyone who made the evening so interesting and thanks to Zoe for a great talk and Q&A session.  

And let’s be honest, wouldn’t it be nice to sit back, watch a movie, have a drink and have more of an in-flight experience when you travel?


Everyone needs a rest, just ask Craig David. No events planned today but our doors are always open with Tech Gurus ready to answer questions and help with any technology issues you may have. It's been such a great week so far with the final event, the Tech Brunch taking place at all site across our network on Saturday morning at 11am. This is a chance to come down talk through you own vehicle and get help whilst having a bite to eat, we look forward to that.

Every site on Saturday morning opened their doors for the Tech Brunch (our extremely clever play on the famous website Tech Crunch). Another great event for both us, to get to speak to our customers and learn more about what they need help with and our guests who get the information they need...along with free food and drink!

That is it for Tech Fest 2017, we've had a fantastic week hosting all the events and welcoming everyone to our sites. A massive thanks to everyone that attended along with thanks to our sites who really made the events what they were. Thanks also go to our external speakers from Volkswagen and Zoe from the BBC. We are already looking forward to Tech Fest 2018!  

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