The VW California: the only sequel that’s worth going to see 

We live in an age of reimagination. On our streets, people wear trainers that came out in 1990. In the cinema, we’ve been blessed with eight versions of The Fast and The Furious series. And in our homes, you’ll see brand new record players designed to look like the real thing.

With the exception of The Fast and The Furious 4, Tokyo Drift – which is a masterpiece of our time – these reworks have been of mixed quality. So it comes as a great relief that VW’s new version of the California camper van offers everything the original did, and much more.

Available in two different versions, the Beach and the Ocean, 2017’s California is your ultimate home on the road. Whether you’re popping down to Weymouth or driving up to Scotland, it’s got everything you need to stay comfy – and keep the kids happy at the same time.

The most prominent example of this is in the middle of the California’s console, where you’ll find an infotainment system that looks, and acts, like it’s straight out of the future. Passengers can share their phone’s screen with it and watch Netflix, while drivers can actually talk to it – so they can operate the built-in phone, navigation and audio functions without even taking their hands off the wheel.

But no matter how far technology progresses, comfort will always be the ultimate feature. That’s why VW have packed the California with flexible ergonomic seating, a pop-up roof for extra space, loads of storage compartments, and even a set of removable table and chairs. So whether you’re on a long drive, or relaxing after a long day at a festival, you can take things easy.

It’s not all stylish flourishes though: the California boasts safety features that wouldn’t look out of place on Trident’s spec list. These include an alert system which notices when your driving patterns change, and sends you visual and audio warnings to take a break. Less futuristic, but every bit as important, is the adaptive cruise control, which helps you keep your speed down on those long stretches.

But we know what you’re thinking. Okay, it’s going to keep me safe, comfortable, and entertained. But does it come with a stainless steel sink? Well if you chose the California Ocean, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. In fact, it’s also got a two-burner stove, a cool/warm box, on-board water tanks, gas storage, an electric hook-up, and enough room for four people to sleep.

So when people tell you that camping is uncomfortable, point them in the direction of the new VW California. And when they tell you they’re sick of sequels, feel free to do exactly the same thing.

The VW California Beach and the VW California Ocean are available at our Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle dealerships now. To book a test drive, get in touch here.

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