We’ve found the perfect city car

 To conquer the city, you need a car that’s built to make the most of every moment. A car that’s bold enough to help you around every sharp corner, compact enough to squeeze into tight spaces, and clever enough to protect you from bolshie city drivers.

So it comes as welcome news that Kia has designed one that’s fit for all of the above, and more. The All-New Kia Picanto is available in five different varieties – including the range-topping GT-Line S – and each of them is a picture of sleek city comfort and safety. Read on, and find out exactly what makes the 2017 Kia Picanto the car we’ve been waiting for.

It’s safer

Even in the middle of the day, city driving can be tricky. So when you’ve got to negotiate rush hour traffic, it’s wise to take all the help you can get. That’s why the GT-Line S features Autonomous Emergency breaking, which activates the brakes when it detects any sign of a collision. It’s designed so that if the driver in front of you changes lanes without warning – or a cyclist decides to cut across traffic – you’ll have more chance of stopping in time. That’s built-in peace of mind, as standard.

It’s cooler

Whether you go for the entry-level ‘1’ model, or the GT-Line S, the Picanto is born to stand out. The latter boasts assertive front and rear bumpers, side skirts, twin exhausts, and 16” alloy wheels – as well as a sports-inspired interior – so even in a crowded city, it’s ready to catch the eye. All this is backed up by Kia’s ‘tiger-nose’ grill, which runs the full width of the front – and fits in with the sharp lines of the new headlights.

It’s sharper

The bigger your wheelbase, the easier it is to take the city’s sharp corners in your stride. So while the new Picanto is the same length and width as the model it’s replacing, the extra 15mm in its wheelbase gives you added control that makes all the difference. This feature also gives you more space inside – enough for both your friends, and your shopping, to fit comfortably.

It’s cleaner

Pollution is at its worst in our cities – which is why the GT-Line S emits just 106 grams of C02 per kilometre: so you can do your bit to keep it under control. The Picanto’s efficiency will also save you money on your fuel bill – it’s capable of up to 64.2 miles per gallon, enabling you to spend less on filling up, and more on enjoying the city.

It’s risk-free

Like all Kias, the Picanto is ultra-reliable, and it comes with a free 7-year or 100,000 mile warranty. In the extremely unlikely event that it does stop working, Kia will repair it or replace it for free – making making the Picanto a risk-free investment, and one that should command a good sell-on price too.

The All-New Picanto is available at our Citygate KIA dealership. Visit here to book a test-drive.

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