Kia Rio

Best cars for the first time buyer 

You never forget your first car. And in decades gone by, that was more likely to be for bad reasons than good. With money tight for young people, cars with leaky roofs, rusty paintwork and dodgy engines were standard.

But now flexible finance deals are the norm, a safe and reliable first car is within everyone’s reach – your only problem is choosing the right one. Here, we’ll explore the best cars for first-time buyers: read on for economical, stylish vehicles that won’t break the bank.

The VW Polo

The VW Polo was first released in 1975, but it’s anything but behind the times. Today’s editions combine a premium look with excellent value for money – and this is especially true with the entry-level Polo S. Packed with features you wouldn’t expect at such a low price-point, the VW Polo S offers comfort and practicality.

Mum and Dad will be happy too. Every Polo is full of safety features, and designed to make both drivers and passengers as secure as possible. Some models even come complete with an on-board assistance system, which alerts you when there’s a dangerous situation developing.


The Škoda Fabia

Škoda’s reputation is starting to catch up with the outright excellence of its cars – and the smart, small and practical Fabia is typical of this quality. Now in its third generation, the supermini combines dynamic performance with a stylish, well-designed interior.

It’s not just us that think so either. What Car? named the Fabia Hatch the best small car of 2017 – so it’s got the seal of approval from a whole range of experts.


The Kia Rio

If you’re a first-time buyer, it’s crucial to take all your costs into account. That means considering the economy of the car, the insurance bracket it falls into, and its reliability. Thankfully, the Kia Rio comes up trumps on all three counts.

Capable of 78.5 miles per gallon, it’ll keep you driving for longer without topping up. And because of its nippy but modest engine, it won’t set you back too much for insurance either. Most importantly, it comes with a free 7-year warranty, so in the unlikely event it does break down, you won’t have to fork out for repairs.


All of the above are available at Citygate dealerships – visit here to find out more about the VW Polo, here to discover the Škoda Fabia, and here to explore the Kia Rio.

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