Get ready for Winter

You may be ready for Winter but what about your car? Darren is Citygate’s expert on car maintenance and here’s his handy checklist for getting your car ready for the cold, dark months ahead. Taking a few quick steps now can save a lot of hassle later.  

Here’s Darren’s winter checklist:

1. Check your tyres for tread levels, cracks, splits or bulges. Driving on wet and icy roads is when you need your tyres to be at their most efficient so if they need replacing, now’s the time to do it. As ever, also make sure tyres are at the correct pressures.

2. Check your lights. Switch on your lights and take a walk round your car making sure they’re all working. Remember to check fog lamps too.

3. Check oil levels. Make sure the level is between the minimum and maximum levels on the dipstick. If not, top up. 

4. Check wiper blades. A long journey in driving sleet is no time to find out your wipers aren’t working properly. Check for splits and cracks and replace if necessary. 

5. Check your battery. Make sure terminals are clean and tight.  If not, clean with hot water and apply petroleum jelly.

We’ll give your Volkswagen or Skoda a Winter Health check for just £20/ £25 respectively. Just bring your car to Citygate and we’ll do all this and more as part of our Winter Health Check. To book yours, call us on 0330 012 0242.

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