Survey Reveals What Brits Don’t Know About Car Accidents

At Citygate, we know safety should always come first - and with this in mind, we ran a survey to find out just how much Brits know about the causes of the UK’s road accidents. We compared the results with stats from Brake, THINK! and other road safety organisations to find out how closely opinion aligns with fact. To view the press release in full, contact

Who’s at fault?

Speeding proved to be the most popular answer from the Brits we surveyed, with failure to stick to the limit being blamed for chaos on the roads - but others were quick to point the finger elsewhere. Some participants passed the blame when it came to who’s responsible for the majority of Britain’s road accidents, with a number of respondents suggesting other road users are at fault. Motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists are among those who tend to be on the receiving end of the blame for collisions on the UK’s roads - but what about motorists? In January this year, the Express revealed the origin of some of the UK’s worst drivers. Around the country, some of Britain’s drivers clocked between 28 and 42 points - while a learner driver topped the list with a shocking 51 points on her licence! While some respondents placed the blame on other people, for over 65s, alcohol was a cause for concern - as they cited driving under the influence as the biggest reason for road accidents.

Not-so smartphones

The survey revealed that mobile phone use was also considered to be a key contributor to the UK’s road traffic collisions - with 35-44 year olds feeling that this was the biggest reason for Britain’s car crashes. Despite the shocking figures, it seems we just can't resist the temptation of smartphones. At the end of last year, The Telegraph revealed Minister’s plans to crack down on mobile phone use behind the wheel. A proposed increase in penalty points was suggested for larger vehicles, as well as a recommended hike in fines - from £100 to £150 - in a bid to deter motorists from using their phones while driving. In-car distractions and faulty vehicles were also causes for concern - suggesting Brits think there are multiple reasons for the country’s road accidents. To view the press release in full, contact

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